Mike Stoane Lighting 'Make Some Light' competition entry 2014

Inspired by Scotland's sunsets and rolling mountains we at KSLD teamed up with local wood craftsmen Sorell  to create a table top light which celebrates the shifting colour of daylight. Made using a blend of traditional joinery and LED technology this tactile simple luminaire can be manipulated to give a choice of warm, neutral or cool light. The low voltage copper track system allows for the luminaire to be incorporated to a custom desk.


The main body of the light is made from walnut with a simple oil finish. There are 3 types of LEDs inside the light; warm white 2200K, neutral white 3000K and cool white 4000K. By picking the light up and placing it back down onto the track on a different side a new colour of light is switched on. Each side has a small colour dot to indicate the corresponding colour of light.

We intend to develop this light further in order to simplify its construction and test out a magnetic conducting system that will allow this fitting to be incorporated to a wall or ceiling or desk more simply.

A big thank you to James Wright at Sorell for his hard work and to Shannon Tofts for his beautiful photographs.