Light painting

Sometimes a trend really is worth jumping on! Have a look at what we came up with in the amber glow of Edinburgh and the pitch dark of the Scottish Borders.

KSLD Christmas ornaments

Every year, we at KSLD create a unique Christmas item to send out to our special colleagues around the world - click on the image to see a few of the best from recent years.

Teddy Bear Treehouse

Definitely one of a kind, our Teddy Bear Treehouse was the ultimate doll's house, lovingly handcrafted for a charity auction whilst I was at university. Click on the picture to read the whole story. 

The Hut

A dream which finally became a reality, in the summer of 2014 I finally got the chance to rebuild a timber hut for weekend retreats where my grandfather built one many, many moons ago. To see the journey so far just click on the image.