Set design for “The Walk From The Garden” by Jonathan Dove

At Scene House, a centre for training in design for live performance based in Scotland, I took part in a theatrical set design course, which helped me to discover the joy I find in interpreting a story or narrative and translating it into visual form. During the course, we covered scenography, script analysis, the designer’s role as a story teller and the relationship between the audience, light, sound and costume. The course culminated in a short personal project in which I developed a set and costume design, using the Arches theatre as the set location. Scale models of the theatre and set were then produced and presented at a private view. 

My chosen script was from the opera “The Walk From The Garden” by Jonathan Dove. Taking his description of dust as a starting point for my design, I set the play in the dome of a cathedral, where Adam and Eve have fallen from a decorative stained glass window on the ceiling in a shower of plaster and glass dust and can no longer return to their garden of Eden, which is now only a two dimensional stained glass window above them. Dressed in white overalls and surrounded by scaffolding, the confused couple slowly come to realise they are now in the real world. A passing tour group find nothing unusual about this pair of decorators who join the back of the line as they exit the building.