KSLD Christmas card 2013 - Candle powered Shadow Puppet Theatre 'Aladdin and the Magic Lamp'

KSLD Christmas card 2012 - Mapped video projection onto Lamb's House, The Shore, Leith

KSLD Christmas card 2011 - Kit candle holder inspired by Edinburgh's architecture; graphic design by Claire Hope, illustrations by Hannah Neufeld

KSLD Christmas card 2011 - Kit sundial and instruction

KSLD Christmas card 2009 - Kit Christmas tree with personalised decorations

Every year, like most, we make Christmas cards for our friends and clients, but ours are usually a little different. In the past it always took the form of a metal kit, often a sundial or candle holder and occasionally a decorative object. This is the 20th year of our Christmas card designing and we are breaking from the norm - we have designed a video projection which has been mapped onto the exterio of Lamb's House where our neighbours Groves Raines Architects reside. Spurred on by all the amazing examples of video mapping all over the internet we decided to have a go ourselves. Using a very basic projector, adobe after effects, and inspired by the beautiful Hanseatic merchants house, Lamb's House (1610), we have made a 4 minute Christmas video. We have never made one of these before, but we have really enjoyed putting it together and have learned heaps in the process. It's a little cheesy but that's what Christmas is all about! Thank you to Groves Raines Architects for allowing us to do this and hosting the event.