'3 blind mice' illustration

A colleague requested an illustration for a talk about lighting tests on blind mice. I produced this illustration of 3 blind mice. They look a little sombre but in my defence they are lab patients!

'Noah's Ark' screen print

With a baby about to join my boyfriend’s family, I was inspired to create this illustration. Following this I produced a water colour version and I am currently experimenting with screen printing techniques to create a more textured version. 

'Seeds' screen print

After submitting a proposal to take part in a live screen printing evening with Scottish design community Analogue Social  I was one of eight Artists selected to take part. We worked live in front of an audience creating individual prints and collaborative prints by mixing our designs with those of the other artists. 

On the night we were restricted to a two colour screen print for practical reasons so after the event I took my design a step further and produced a three colour version at Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop.

'Hare' screen print 

In 2013 I decided to take  a weekend course in screen printing. I was immediately hooked and produced two designs. My first and main print is a two colour print of a hare. After this I chose to explore transparencies and other types of pigments from which I produced a cloud illustration with a graduated background. The process and experimentation was really interesting andI I found that my experience in photoshop and image making through layers helped considerably.

'Tortoise and Hare' Illustration

In this illustration I have developed the hare further and created a companion for him. I like these as individual illustrations but also plan to put them together and create a screen print.



'Birds In The Trees' screen print

I was inspired by a friends experience on a family holiday and in need of a gift for her i decided to create this print. The story she tells is of her family walking home at dusk through the trees when they began to hear strange noises and see ghostly shadows amongst the trees. "Snipes!" her father whispered instructing them to all get down and stay quiet. They lay down on the ground and listened intently. The birds danced and around them making their drumming noises. Once home and after a bit of research they realised they had seen and heard the courting rituals of the male Snipe. They snipes fly about 50ft above the ground into the tree canopy and then plummet down to the ground flapping their tails in order to create an unusual drumming or whirring noise which attracts the female Snipes.